About us

About us

Located in N.J. U.S.A. Official Herbz was founded by lifelong vegans. Master herbalist Dr. Sebi's teachings has inspired many individual's like us to become aware of our diet. We believe that it is important to avoid food products that consist of animal products, gluten, stearates, rice fillers, and GMO. Over the past years, we have teamed up with our indigenous elders and began to import official herbs and capsulizing herbs for ourselves. A light dawned on us and said "what about the people who could use and would appreciate these products?" at that moment Official Herbz was born. Official Herbz is a group of professionals who are in this business for the long haul, dealing honestly and fairly with our customers with whom we hope to build and maintain a mutually beneficial long term partnership with. We take pride in applying the “golden rule” in all of our business endeavors: treat our customers just as we would like to be treated. When you purchase our products, we consider you a valued partner in helping our business grow.   

Our Mission     

Our mission is to provide the world with official herbs and sea vegetables. Making our store a one stop shop for official herbs and sea vegetables. We put the people and the planet first. Official Herbz has created a world market for the important medicinal plants highly recommended by Master herbalist Dr. Sebi. Official Herbz has been involved in researching, developing, importing and marketing official medicinal plants highly recommended by Master herbalist Dr. Sebi. Who is the leader in the industry in educating people about these powerful medicinal plants from all over the world.  Dr. Sebi. has actually welcomed competition and encouraged other companies to sell them and use them in other supplement products. 

Unfortunately, in 2016, Dr. Sebi has passed away and before his demise he complained about his herbal products being compromised. We took the time to research herbs that he approved and made it accessible for the human families who are not so fortunate to have access to these herbs to have full accessibility to them. We decided that the wealth of factual and truthful information about these important plants and formulas was more important than just financial gain and this factual information needed to stay widely available to continue to help people. Official Herbz  takes pride in selling Dr. Sebi's highly recommended herbs so that anyone and everyone can make them and use them. All of the factual research and documentation about these plants have been reinstated all through our site.

Official Herbz has been working with indigenous tribal healers, as well as official community herbal healers, and other natural health practitioners, herbalists and researchers world wide, to target potential plants which have important medicinal values and benefits. Applying logic to Dr. Sebi's teachings, Official Herbz has researched with, local healers and rural herbal doctors throughout the world and has learned and documented their extensive medical plant knowledge. Gathering literature searches, we compiled, and compared to what other researchers have discovered and tested about the properties, uses, and effectiveness of the plants. All of this research information can be found freely throughout the siteThis extensive database represents over 30 years of research on the important medicinal plants of the planet.  Our mission has always been to publicize and publish this indigenous knowledge where it can be shared and used by all - even among the indigenous people themselves.  In this manner, not only is the knowledge freely shared and accessible to all, but profitable global markets are created for these highly effective natural medicinal plants. The indigenous people of the lands that are harvested profit in the harvesting of these beneficial plants to meet this demand, and governments and local companies benefit from the jobs. Income and profits are generated from the processing, transportation and exportation of these wild crafted and wild harvested plants around the world - freely without limitations. The rest of the world benefits from the amazing healing properties and abilities of these powerful medicinal plants which can positively effect their health as well as positively affect the health and continuance of the land itself. This truly represents a free and open global economic strategy that everyone can take part in and why it makes a difference in preserving our remaining organic lands of the world. Lastly, by purchasing our Official Herbz products part of the proceeds will go to building an after school media arts program for children in the Brooklyn, N.Y. and N.J. areas to keep them occupied and out of harms way.  We could only do so with the help and support of the people.